4 Reasons Why Women Entrepreneurs Prefer to Become Franchisees

4 Reasons why women entrepreneurs prefer to become franchisees


In the last two decades the world of business has become increasingly open to women entrepreneurs. Yet, it is reported that under 40% of South Africa’s businesses are women-owned. Even though many South African women are more than qualified and competent to run their own businesses, the challenge of having to balance business and family responsibilities can seem very daunting.

In the spirit of Women’s Month, we thought we’d touch on why franchises is the preferred business ownership model for many female entrepreneurs and how franchise ownership can be the solution to the balance challenge.


1. Schedule flexibility

Unlike starting a business from scratch, many franchise businesses offer a semi-absentee model for owners, allowing them to work on their business rather than in their business. They get to experience the rewards and freedoms of small-business ownership while still having time to dedicate to motherhood, or whatever else they please.


2. Organised and predictable deliverables

Opting for a franchise business is less of a gamble than a brand-new start-up. The startling failure rate of new businesses makes it seem too risky to female entrepreneurs to start a new business. However, with a franchise the business model is predefined and so the outcomes are fairly predictable.


3. Support systems

Although business has become more accommodating to women, it is still a highly intimidating space. Siding with a franchise means you have access to all the support you could ever need for your business to soar. The Soapbox Group offers you mentorship, setup, marketing, management training, human resources and purchasing power.


4. Support from government

The South African government has frameworks in place that seek to equalise the playing field. There are various Government Development programmes for women entrepreneurs in South Africa that act as a springboard to business. These development programmes, combined with the preference given to Women Owned businesses in terms of BEE AND an almost foolproof business recipe provided by the franchisor, means that the female franchisee is set up for success.



Buying into the Soapbox Franchise makes running your own business a more pleasant experience, leaving you more likely to succeed. The branded corporate clothing and gifts industry is big business and show no signs of slowing down. All the more reason to side with us.

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Empowering Women – Dressing for Success

If you are a woman you know that not-so-exciting feeling of waking up in the morning thinking to yourself, “What am I going to wear today”?

With Women’s Day 2013 right around the corner, we at Soapbox thought we’d do our bit for the empowerment of women by giving a few tips on how to dress for success in the work place. After all, we believe that if you look good, you ultimately feel good and when you feel good it empowers you to perform better.

One of the best tips we can give you is to keep to the KISS principle: Keep It Simple and Sophisticated. Generally dark colours give an impression of authority whilst bright colours on the other hand convey friendliness. Lighter colours such as khaki are more casual than navy, gray or black.

These clothing attires could also be considered by women for a more professional look:

  • Tailored Clothing – Investing in a few quality outfits that interpret your company image pays off by giving you a professional image and also conveys authority.
  • Patterns & Colours – Don’t mix and match patterns too much. When attending your business meetings you want to make a statement about your business, not your passion for colour.
  • Pants & Suits – Pantsuits are a great investments, not only  can you dress them up for your meetings but also allow a woman to dress down one notch for casual days.
  • Shirts & Sweaters – If you want to be taken seriously in the work place, rule number one is: No Cleavage. Blouses that are fitted should match your outfit. Also, make sure your shirt is not see-through.


If you are a company owner or manager, you can take the image of your company into your own hands by introducing a corporate dress code and/or uniforms. The advantages for your company have been well documented:

Earlier this year Soapbox shared information about  a study by JD Powers and Associates which  found that 74% of  business buyer respondents and 72 % of individual consumer respondents said that they would prefer to use a service where employees were wearing uniforms. “Employees in uniform increase my confidence in their ability to do their jobs.” Whereby fifty-five percent expressed a greater sense of trust.


Soapbox is a supplier of Barron Corporate Wear

It therefore stands to reason that you can enhance the trust and confidence your staff inspires by introducing a dress code/uniforms. It might just give you that slight edge needed to win that big contract.

Soapbox can help dress you for success; all you need to do is visit our website soapboxpromo.co.za  or call us on 012 804 0066 today for any corporate clothing or branding needs.