My blood is green once more…

I can almost hear PJ Powers and Ladismith Black Mambazo singing: “The world in union…” as I prepare to once again put on my green Springbok supporters shirt for the much anticipated match of the Springboks against Argentine Pumas on Saturday. What a thrill to see, when all falls into place and 22 individual players become ONE TEAM.

The American star basket ball player, Michael Jordan, has been quoted as saying the following:

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.”

Much has been said over the years about teamwork in business and theoretically it should be just as exhilarating to work together in a team in a business as it is when our sports icons do it. Then why is it not? I believe the answer lies with TEAM SPIRIT and not merely in TEAMWORK.

When I think of TEAMWORK it makes me think of a clock with a great number of gears and parts performing with great efficiency – each part doing exactly what it’s supposed to be doing, when it’s supposed to be doing it. Yet the whole process is not particularly inspired.

TEAM SPIRIT however is much greater than TEAMWORK – it is inspired efficiency and it helps the team achieve much more.


  1. Identify a common goal.
    Many will tell you that the secret to setting a goal is making sure that it is achievable. For most people this translates as “not too high”. However when you set a “not too high”-goal it is hardly inspiring. Be bold and set audacious goals that inspire your team to be greater than they have ever been. The Springboks always aim to be world champs, not merely to make the final rounds.
  2. Have fun!
    Incorporate fun activities into the everyday routine. Team building and retreats have their place, but most people find it hard to bring the team spirit back to the office after a retreat. Instead create a silly game that you can play every day at lunch time with a scoreboard to keep track of the game.
  3. Unite for a cause.
    There are few things as inspiring as a great charitable cause. Knowing that the team is making a difference in the community gives everyone a sense of achievement. This outside achievement creates momentum for success, spilling over into the business. Most top level sports teams are involved with some charity or another and I would like to believe that it provides them with inspiration as much as it is a good PR exercise.
  4. Create a team uniform.
    Whether working with a sports team or a sales team, having matching uniforms for special events can help everyone like they are part of a team.

Hopefully, this weekend we will once again see team spirit in action when the Springboks thrash the Pumas.

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