6 Ways to be sun safe

The sunny days of summer are here and we are looking forward to the hot summer holidays only a few short weeks away – many of us not even realising that we live in the country that was voted the world’s top dream destination in May this year. The competition hosted by WAYN, the world’s largest travel and lifestyle social network, revealed that our sunny weather was amongst the top factors that helped us achieve this accolade.

Unfortunately, that’s not the only top spot attributed to South Africa. According to CANSA (The Cancer Association of South Africa), our country has the second highest incidence of skin cancer in the world after Australia. Soapbox has decided to celebrate summer by joining the fight for sun safety. You can do it too.

You see the good news is that skin cancer can be prevented. And businesses, like yours and ours, can help protect the people we value by providing the right products to keep them sun safe. That’s why we at Soapbox have made a conscious decision to make it easier for our clients to promote sun safety as part of their corporate philosophy. We stock everything necessary to provide sun safety products in a way that will not only benefit the recipient but your reputation as the gift giver.

But first things first … can we make a difference?

Yes, without a doubt. With every corporate sun safe item we supply we believe that the message will spread to a broader audience. Spreading awareness is a great start – there are a lot of myths out there that need busting. For example:

  • Myth 1: People with darker skins are not at risk for getting skin cancer. Unfortunately, people of all ages, skin types, genders and ethnic groups face the same serious risk of cancer. This disease does not discriminate.
  • Myth 2: Sunscreen will protect me completely from the harmful effects of the sun’s rays. Sunscreen alone cannot protect you. Take a look at our 6 tips further down to find out what else you can do.
  • Myth 2: The sun is only dangerous in summer or on a hot day. The intensity of the sun’s rays can cause serious damage in any weather condition.
  • Myth 4: One or two sun burns can’t cause cancer. Everyone’s skin reacts differently to a sun burn which means that we all face the risk of cancer every time we burn.

(with our gratitude to CANSA for this information)

6 Ways to be sun smart during the holidays

And now that the myths have been busted, let’s look at six ways of being sun safe this summer.

  1. Wear sun-protective clothing specifically designed to keep you cool in the heat and protected from the sun. This type of clothing is usually tightly woven and loose fitting. A great example from our own catalogue is the Barron Outback shirt which is 100% cotton and boasts a back yoke and breeze vents.
  2. Wear a hat. But not just any hat. If you’re really looking for decent sun protection then wear a wide brim hat such as a cricket or bush hat. The wider brim offers better protection for your eyes, ears, face, and the back or your neck.
  3. Stay in the shade. There’s a great little shadow rule to keep in mind: “Watch your shadow – short shadow, seek shade”. The sun intensity increases towards midday so make sure you keep some sort of “portable” shade handy when you plan to be outdoors – like taking an umbrella with you to the beach or park.
  4. Use sun screen. Make sure your sun screen offers broad-spectrum (UVA & UVB) protection and that it is water resistant. Preferably choose the highest SPF available (never below SPF 30).
  5. Use protective lip balm. Your lips are one of the most vulnerable and easily forgotten parts of your body when it comes to sun protection. Regularly reapply lip balm with an SPF factor to protect your smoochers.
  6. Protect your eyes. Wearing sunglasses is not only about shielding your eyes from the harsh glare of sunlight, but about protecting you from the real threats of sun damage. The eyelid is very thin and contains many fragile tissues that may be injured by UV light. It doesn’t stop there. Inside the eye, the lens and the cornea exist to filter UV rays, but by doing so for many years, they may become damaged from excessive exposure.

sun graphicCome on, let’s fight this together

You can take a number of measures this summer to promote the sun safe message. Firstly, always be sun smart yourself. Teach your children and other family members the six sun safe ways this holiday.

Secondly, as a business, you can send a powerful message by giving staff and clients the coolest, branded sun safe packs – and branding these items will show that you took the time and attention to make this important purchase.

Soapbox stocks everything needed to cover all six sun safety tips and we can use your brand to make sure your clients remember exactly who is taking care of them this summer. It’s not too late to send a meaningful summer corporate gift before the December holidays. With our unique 72 hour express embroidery promise, you can have your selection branded and ready to go before the December school break. So give us a call on 012 804 0066 and we can help you plan the coolest sun safe holiday pack in no time at all.

The challenge is out there. Let’s join forces to spread the sun safe message this holiday season.

With you every stitch of the way

Your friends at Soapbox