Sealing that deal on the golf course

Why business happens on the golf course – and why your appearance could help you seal the deal.

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For as long as business and golf have crossed paths, the golf course has been considered the place where real business deals are made. Traditionally it was men who had the pleasure of networking on the course but these days quite a few female executives take to the greens with a view of building their business relationships and brand.

But what is all the fuss about the so called “green boardroom”?

Why on earth would golf be considered a non-negotiable skill for CEOs and Executives across the globe? It’s quite simply really. There are very few equal opportunities that allow you to spend three to four hours with a potential customer or business partner to build a solid relationship. Almost everything you need to know about a person’s true character and business potential can be learnt during a game of golf.

The way a golfer approaches the game speaks volumes about their approach business and life in general.

Would you sign a deal with a player who kicks their ball out of the rough for a better lie? Or who shaves a few strokes off their scorecard to improve their overall position? Players who throw their golf clubs would probably not accept a business challenge with much grace.

On the other hand, players who abide by the golfing etiquette most likely display the same level of sophistication in business. Executives get a sense of a player’s integrity, sportsmanship, mannerisms and personality on the course. It soon becomes clear if you’re playing with the type of person you would be willing to trust in business or not.

Not just a game for men

Golf is a skill that’s fast becoming a necessity for women in business. The game often puts you in the right place with the right people, not only in your own business circles but also in the business community as a whole. Women who build good contacts on the golf course can leverage off these networks to benefit their own business.

Women have an even better chance to impress players on the course. Men know how difficult it is to break into the traditionally male dominated game and they tend to show a great amount of respect for women who can hold their own in the game.

Protect your brand on the course

If your business is represented on the golf course, then it will be worth your while to double check that you’ve covered all the angles needed to create a good impression. The best place to start is with your business’ golfing gear.

Golf is one of the few sports that has maintained a sense of pride in its uniform. Players who arrive wearing shoddy golf wear create the impression that they don’t honour golfing etiquette. Does this sound a bit harsh? Look at it from a business perspective. How is an employee viewed when they don’t make an effort to dress according to company standards? Since golf is synonymous with business, the wrong outfit may just cost you that contract.

Dress to impress

Make sure your team shows up with gear that says “I take this game as seriously as I take a business deal”.

Avid golfers can tell at a glance what type of player they’re up against simply by looking at the outfit. For example

  • Your golf shirt should have a slightly longer tail in the back to keep your shirt from being un-tucked when you move.
  • Golf pants don’t have cuffs. Any player who has ever spent time in a sand trap will tell you that cuffs trap dirt.
  • Both men and women golfers who want a more formal and professional look will wear a leather belt with their pants.
  • Hats are an important part of a golfing uniform. They help keep the glaring sun off a players face to improve vision during a swing. Baseball style caps are popular with men while women prefer golf visors to prevent messy hair. Broad brimmed hats are also a popular choice for both men and women who prefer more protection from the sun.

Your team’s golf outfit will not only create a favourable first impression, but it will also affect their comfort, movement, confidence and ultimately game play on the day. So it is really important to evaluate your golf uniform and make sure that it is both functional and fashionable.

When a serious golfer sees your brand embroidered on high quality golfing gear it tells them that you take golfing etiquette and golfing relationships seriously.

Brand. Brand. Brand.

Now throw the power of branding behind the power of style and you’ll have the ultimate combination. Your team can create a winning impression before they even tee off if they are given the right gear for the job.

Take the time to review your team’s golfing wardrobe. Look at your existing gear from the perspective of fellow golfers and what they might be reading between the lines. Over and above improving your golfing uniform, be sure to brief your team about the potential impact of their behavior and appearance before they represent your business on the course.

The combination of an impressive golf uniform and a well prepared team will go a long way in creating brand recognition and cementing good relationships.

Let us help you win them over

It’s because we understand how important golf is to your business that we supply over 400 styles of golf shirts for men and women. We also take the greatest pride in branding your golfing attire so that your team can put their best foot forward.

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It’s our business to make your business look its best – both on and off the golf course.

To your golfing (and business) success

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Ps. This video shows how NOT to do it… but it’s good for a laugh