7 Sad reasons why people give up on their dreams


Our childhood memories often involve the dreams we wanted to pursue as adults. In your youth the dream seemed achievable and within reach, and it probably is, but with age and life experiences comes a dwindling sense of hope and wonder. Fast forward to years later, you have most likely put that dream behind you and have opted for practicality and security over passion and purpose. While you have an undying desire to go after your dreams, there is always internal and external voices that leave you hesitant to follow through.

Below are seven reasons why people tend to give up on their dreams.

  1. They fear being judged by those they care about

Following your passion later on in life is sure to raise a lot of eyebrows from the people around you. They might find it irrational and even irresponsible to leave your stable job to pursue a lifelong dream. Sensing judgment and pushback from your loved ones for entering a new chapter in your life is sure to leave anyone feeling discouraged.

  1. They give others the power to influence their decisions

Most of our decisions are easily influenced by the people with whom we surround ourselves. Due to the fear of what people might say or think of you, we often make decisions that’ll make our loved ones more accepting and comfortable instead of making decisions that will make us truly happy.

  1. They fail once – and never try again

Failure is an inevitable part of life. As much as we try to avoid it, it still manages to pop up every once in a while, to make us better than before. Many people are left so discouraged, demotivated and even embarrassed by their failures that they choose to let the dream go all together.

  1. They don’t learn how to discipline themselves

Achieving your goals takes a lot of discipline and focus. If you aren’t disciplined throughout your journey of pursuing your dreams, you will easily get side-tracked, making you lose focus of what’s important.

  1. They would rather settle for short-term rewards

The journey to achieving your dreams is sometimes long and tiresome but a combination of consistent work and effort will yield mega results in the future. People are often looking for a quick buck and don’t have the patience to see the seeds of their hard work come to fruition. This leaves them frustrated and demotivated if they don’t see significant results within a short-term period leading them to give up.

  1. They refuse to be flexible and adjust

The journey to your dreams is a winding road full of sharp turns and obstacles. If you want to succeed, then you need to be able to adjust and be flexible to successfully navigate your way around challenges. People who aren’t willing to adopt this approach are less likely to succeed and more likely to give up.

  1. They fear going it alone and having no support

The possibility of not having your loved ones fully support you on your journey is sad and frightening. The pain of feeling alone and not knowing if you are on the right path is enough to push any one into giving up on their dreams.

When you become part of the Soapbox Franchise family you will never feel like you’re going it alone! Soapbox offers support on all fronts. They also give you a tried and tested business model increasing your chance of success, making the road to your dreams less daunting.


4 Reasons why people stay in jobs they hate


If the mere thought of Mondays and waking up for work makes you cringe, then it’s safe to assume that you hate your job. We often ignore our need for transformation in our careers because the concept of change is one that is frightening and filled with uncertainty- all of which could be considered an inconvenience when you’ve gone on to find comfort in your misery. People would much rather stay in their secure yet unfulfilling jobs than to embark on the seemingly terrifying journey of change.

In the early 1960’s David Gleicher created the formula for change. This formula was later simplified by Kathleen Dannemiller and presented in 1992 as such:

D x V x F > R

i.e. Dissatisfaction (with the status quo) x Vision (of future possibilities) x First Steps (towards change) > Resistance (to change)

Coincidentally, the above-mentioned factors of change can be related to the reasons why people stay in jobs they hate. The dissatisfaction in your current job must be just enough for you to make a change. Sure, you’re certain that you want to leave your job but what do you envision yourself doing outside of it? Taking the first step is often the hardest and can demotivate people to leave their unhappy work environment; and the obstacles you might face along the way and the fears you have to overcome seem too taunting to bare- all of which play a role in you staying in an uninspiring space.

1. Dissatisfaction

Your dissatisfaction with your current job or circumstance must be enough to bring you to action. If your dissatisfaction is such that you complain about it, but do nothing, change is not likely to happen.


Often people’s dissatisfaction is great enough, but they have no vision of what they want to do in their careers. They cannot visualise what the alternative to their current circumstance can be. In the absence of such a vision, any action is directionless and will not amount to the desired change. The Soapbox Franchise Group not only provides you with a clear vision of what it is like to be your own boss and owning your own business, we also provide you with a clear plan of how to achieve this.

3.  First Steps

The third factor in the formula for change is taking the first steps toward change. Many people never take these first steps, because they either lack the courage, or they lack the knowledge of what the first steps will be. The Soapbox Franchise Group has more than a decade of experience in the corporate fashion industry and can help you with the knowledge, and a proven model for success.

4. Resistance

Resistance to change can be internal (fear, anxiety, insecurity, discomfort) or external (family, friends, authoritative figures). It is very important to have an honest look at the resistance factors in your life and identify them. Ask yourself if these factors will still be a factor in 10 years from now. And ask yourself if you can afford to stay where you are.

At Soapbox Group we know that change is hard, but we love to walk the path of change with each one of our franchisees and see them grow into the careers they envisioned.

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3 Reasons why you should quit your job in 2019

quit your job


We can’t think of a better time than now for you to put your heart and soul into something you’ve always wanted to do. Whether you like it or not, your day job could be what’s standing in the way of you pursuing your dream of starting your very own business. Soapbox offers you the opportunity to become a successful franchisee, allowing you the freedom of running your own business without the high risks and challenges that come with a full-on start-up.

Quitting your job to start a franchise may seem daunting, but it’s pretty simple with Soapbox! Here are the 3 reasons why you should quit your job in 2019:

  1. You become the boss of your own time.

Being stuck in a 9-5 job is a wasteful way to be spending your time! Venturing into a business you are passionate about often gives you full autonomy of your time. Buying into a franchise such as Soapbox means you can decide what it is you want to do, when you want to do it and how you want to do it.

  1. You’ll never get rich from a job – A Soapbox franchise is your ticket to multiple streams of income.

Branching out into different streams of income requires that you have major capital. But not with Soapbox – we have affordable options available. Buying into our franchise is a great way to run a business that ultimately works for you at the end of the day. The great income you get from our franchises is exactly what you need to start your journey towards becoming a millionaire!

  1. You get to live your passion.

If you are passionate about running your own business but aren’t quite ready to build a start-up from scratch, then franchising is your best and most fulfilling option. The Soapbox Group offers franchises to people who are ready to pursue their passion in the business of branding and corporate gifting. You get to live your passion of running a business, with a little less risk and a whole lot more success!

Contact us and start living today!
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The Humble Cup of Coffee has Infinite Branding Potential


Coffee Culture has taken the world by storm. It has spilled out from the streets and straight into the office environment. Companies have realized the importance of treating their clients and employees to a good cup of coffee.

There are endless benefits to promoting Coffee Culture in the office.

Not only does it boost creativity and productivity because of the caffeine fix it provides, but it also makes for a more laid-back and social environment during meetings.

Capitalizing on Coffee Culture in the office and using it as a tool to market and communicate brand messages can do wonders for your company. Because coffee is a universal drink loved by billions around the world, it makes for a great vessel to successful brand communication.

Why not give some of these branding tips a try:

  • Brand coffee mugs or flasks for employees to carry around, branded with a motivational quote to get them moving!
  • Use branded coffee mugs during meetings to show commitment.
  • Be on your client’s mind first thing in the morning! Gift them with a branded coffee flask with your company logo and a quirky phrase like “Rise and Shine Baby!

Furthermore, having brand messages placed on everyday office items such as coffee mugs makes for good internal communication. We often forget that our employees are first and foremost our brand ambassadors. They need to be fully knowledgeable on the brand so they can accurately portray it to customers.

At Soapbox, we have loads of fun, amusing and trendy coffee accessories, mugs, flasks and plungers. Get creative with personalized messages and your company logo. Who would have thought that something as simple as coffee could be just the tool you need to talk to your internal and external company stakeholders?

So, where is your Coffee Culture?

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5 Things Most New Business Owners Aren’t Prepared For


And How to Overcome It


Ask any business owner about their journey of entrepreneurship and they will list the countless challenges they faced trying to get their new business off the ground. Although starting a business gives you the type of freedom employment otherwise wouldn’t, new entrepreneurs often don’t realise that they will have to wear many different hats as the owner of a small business. Many soon discover that they are kept busy with a whole lot of activities that has no direct bearing on the product they are selling or the service they are delivering. They get frustrated being bogged down with tasks that they are not skilled for and have no experience with. Lack of focus soon becomes evident and shows in the bottom line.

Below is a list of things most business owners aren’t prepared for, and some tips on how to overcome them.

  1. Staff and HR Issues

New business owners don’t realise that HR is more than just hiring and firing. They often make the mistakes of providing poor job descriptions, holding inadequate job interviews, lack of staff training  and poor organisational culture. And then there are all the labour law provisions that need to be adhered to. If things go really wrong, you may even end up at the CCMA.

A good set of employee policies are essential for any business. This can be challenging for new business owners who have no experience in writing employee policies.

If however, you join a franchise group such as the Soapbox Franchise group, you have the back-up of an established business with the policies and procedures already in place. You also have access to knowledgeable people at your franchise head office, should issues arise.

  1. Financial Management

You should be able to present evidence of all your business’ financial transactions and decisions, from inception to present. Small business owners make the mistake of not drawing up a budget let alone sticking to it; not separating their business and personal finances, and not having a competent system for tracking income and expenditure.

For many the best solution would be to hire a professional to deal with your business finances or to simply outsource their accounting activities altogether. This gives them more time to work on the business’ core activities, but leaves the business owner out of the loop. Often the business owner only realises that the business is in trouble when he/she runs into cash flow problems.

If you rather become a franchisee, the Soapbox Group will provide you with training on the basics of accounting and financial management.  They will go even further as to provide you with a customised accounting system with built-in early warning indicators that will let you know that your business is not doing as well as it should be. The franchisor also has a vested interest in your business doing well and will therefore assist you in any way possible to keep your business financially healthy.

  1. Marketing

Entrepreneurs either over-sell their brand, or don’t market it sufficiently. Most aren’t prepared for the amount of effort and time that goes into a good marketing strategy. The same amount of effort you would put into finances or production, needs to be put into your marketing. Compiling a marketing plan cannot be a hasty job. A lot of research and time needs to go into what your product is, what it can do for people, what makes it stand out, and which people would most benefit from it.

At the Soapbox Group we have spent a great deal of time and resources on developing a marketing strategy that produces quality leads and profitable business. The pooled marketing fund paid by all the franchisees also means that the franchisee gets much more for his/her marketing buck. The Soapbox Franchise package includes promotional stock and marketing material.

Furthermore, you will be incorporated into our national marketing strategy through our tried and tested methods and platforms, giving your franchise business maximum exposure!

  1. Sales

Many business owners believe that just because they have the entrepreneurial bug, then they are automatically good sales people. This isn’t always the case. There is more to sales than just making a sale. One must consider where it is their leads are coming from, how to gain new customers, ROI, or having a sales process in place. Many business owners can overcome their sales challenges by not trying to do it all by themselves. Calling in a bit of help on the sales side of things will save you a lot of money, confusion and disappointment.

As a Soapbox franchisee, you and your sales staff get trained in the best sales strategies and techniques, putting you on the path to success.

  1. Admin

Bet you were never prepared for the amount of admin that comes with running a business! When you are caught up in the bigger scheme of things, it is easy to forget the small details and the nitty-gritty behind the scenes. If neglected, admin tasks can cost you your business. Something as fundamental as filling in and presenting the necessary legal paperwork; tax admin; data management; returning phone calls can, if left undone, prove to be a major blow to your business. Organising and prioritizing the tasks ahead of you each day can stop you from falling behind on the admin work. If admin isn’t your thing, then calling in an extra pair of hands is the best solution.

As a franchisee, you will enjoy the benefit of your franchisor’s administration experience and systems, so you can hit the ground running!

So why not get yourself an up and running, safe and secure franchise business, today!

Click here if you are interested in receiving more information about becoming a Soapbox Group Franchisee.

You can also contact Mias at mias@soapboxpromo.co.za for more information about becoming a Soapbox Group Franchisee.


Sealing that deal on the golf course

Why business happens on the golf course – and why your appearance could help you seal the deal.

Golf Shirts

Look your best on the course with Barron Golf shirts.

For as long as business and golf have crossed paths, the golf course has been considered the place where real business deals are made. Traditionally it was men who had the pleasure of networking on the course but these days quite a few female executives take to the greens with a view of building their business relationships and brand.

But what is all the fuss about the so called “green boardroom”?

Why on earth would golf be considered a non-negotiable skill for CEOs and Executives across the globe? It’s quite simply really. There are very few equal opportunities that allow you to spend three to four hours with a potential customer or business partner to build a solid relationship. Almost everything you need to know about a person’s true character and business potential can be learnt during a game of golf.

The way a golfer approaches the game speaks volumes about their approach business and life in general.

Would you sign a deal with a player who kicks their ball out of the rough for a better lie? Or who shaves a few strokes off their scorecard to improve their overall position? Players who throw their golf clubs would probably not accept a business challenge with much grace.

On the other hand, players who abide by the golfing etiquette most likely display the same level of sophistication in business. Executives get a sense of a player’s integrity, sportsmanship, mannerisms and personality on the course. It soon becomes clear if you’re playing with the type of person you would be willing to trust in business or not.

Not just a game for men

Golf is a skill that’s fast becoming a necessity for women in business. The game often puts you in the right place with the right people, not only in your own business circles but also in the business community as a whole. Women who build good contacts on the golf course can leverage off these networks to benefit their own business.

Women have an even better chance to impress players on the course. Men know how difficult it is to break into the traditionally male dominated game and they tend to show a great amount of respect for women who can hold their own in the game.

Protect your brand on the course

If your business is represented on the golf course, then it will be worth your while to double check that you’ve covered all the angles needed to create a good impression. The best place to start is with your business’ golfing gear.

Golf is one of the few sports that has maintained a sense of pride in its uniform. Players who arrive wearing shoddy golf wear create the impression that they don’t honour golfing etiquette. Does this sound a bit harsh? Look at it from a business perspective. How is an employee viewed when they don’t make an effort to dress according to company standards? Since golf is synonymous with business, the wrong outfit may just cost you that contract.

Dress to impress

Make sure your team shows up with gear that says “I take this game as seriously as I take a business deal”.

Avid golfers can tell at a glance what type of player they’re up against simply by looking at the outfit. For example

  • Your golf shirt should have a slightly longer tail in the back to keep your shirt from being un-tucked when you move.
  • Golf pants don’t have cuffs. Any player who has ever spent time in a sand trap will tell you that cuffs trap dirt.
  • Both men and women golfers who want a more formal and professional look will wear a leather belt with their pants.
  • Hats are an important part of a golfing uniform. They help keep the glaring sun off a players face to improve vision during a swing. Baseball style caps are popular with men while women prefer golf visors to prevent messy hair. Broad brimmed hats are also a popular choice for both men and women who prefer more protection from the sun.

Your team’s golf outfit will not only create a favourable first impression, but it will also affect their comfort, movement, confidence and ultimately game play on the day. So it is really important to evaluate your golf uniform and make sure that it is both functional and fashionable.

When a serious golfer sees your brand embroidered on high quality golfing gear it tells them that you take golfing etiquette and golfing relationships seriously.

Brand. Brand. Brand.

Now throw the power of branding behind the power of style and you’ll have the ultimate combination. Your team can create a winning impression before they even tee off if they are given the right gear for the job.

Take the time to review your team’s golfing wardrobe. Look at your existing gear from the perspective of fellow golfers and what they might be reading between the lines. Over and above improving your golfing uniform, be sure to brief your team about the potential impact of their behavior and appearance before they represent your business on the course.

The combination of an impressive golf uniform and a well prepared team will go a long way in creating brand recognition and cementing good relationships.

Let us help you win them over

It’s because we understand how important golf is to your business that we supply over 400 styles of golf shirts for men and women. We also take the greatest pride in branding your golfing attire so that your team can put their best foot forward.

And, as always, we’d love to help you make the best choice for your brand and your budget. Give us a call on 012 804 0066 or email your requests to sales@soapboxpromo.co.za .

It’s our business to make your business look its best – both on and off the golf course.

To your golfing (and business) success

Your friends at Soapbox

Ps. This video shows how NOT to do it… but it’s good for a laugh

Secretary Day: The horse does the work and the coachman gets tipped?..

Some call themselves administrative assistants while others prefer to be called administrative professionals. And every so often you meet someone who doesn’t mind to be called by the older title of secretary. But no one can deny that most of these roses, by any other name, would still be indispensible to their organisations.


The other day I overheard one assistant saying to another: “Accomplishing the impossible means only that the boss will add it to your regular duties.” (Sic).

Don’t worry ladies (and gentlemen), your day is coming – very soon.

At Soapbox we believe that next to excellence is the appreciation thereof. To all the bosses out there: Here are some tips on how to show more appreciation towards your right hand lady in the workplace.0544b

  • Show praise – No duty is more urgent than that of returning thanks. Appreciate everything your assistants do for the business. Nothing else can quite substitute for a few well-chosen, well-timed, sincere words of praise – they’re absolutely free and worth a fortune.
  • Ask Questions – Try to get to know your secretary, this will make them feel like you are interested in their lives outside of work too and make them feel valued and cared about.
  • Small gestures – everyone needs food, correct? When you run out to buy yourself something to eat, grab something for your secretary whether is peanuts or chocolates, everyone enjoys receiving something as it makes us feel special. It has been said that time is an illusion. For most assistants lunchtime is doubly so.
  • The extra mile – Your secretary goes the extra mile for you daily, try doing the same by decorating their table or office when it’s their birthday or when they have accomplished a personal or work related goal.
  • Gifts – small gifts show remarkable return on investment? An assistant who feels appreciated and acknowledged achieves more and has a better attitude. A good idea is to stock up on small gifts and periodically show your appreciation by giving a gift – don’t only wait for secretary day. If creative gift giving is not you thing, visit http://www.soapboxpromo.co.za and get a few ideas.

34766With that said, what does it take to be a good secretary? We looked at a few factors that make a good secretary, ensuring that your boss will appreciate your more.

  • Be punctual – Be on time for work, being late will obviously not impress your boss.
  • Expect the unexpected – Secretaries are second in line when it comes to knowing everything in the work environment, after the boss. Be prepared for any unexpected questions that your boss might need answers to, make sure you are always on track with goals and things happening within in the company.
  • Make your bosses diary your priority – Your boss has many other things to worry about so the probability of him/her forgetting something is a given. Ensure that you stay on top of your boss’s diary so that you can always remind them of any meetings or important tasks that need to be done.
  •  Pay Attention to detail – Listen to everything! If you find it difficult to remember certain things then try making notes.
  • Keep a secret will you – Your boss is likely to share a lot of confidential information with you regarding the company, thus confidentiality is a very important quality that is expected of a secretary.  Don’t share information that you know is not to be shared.
  • Be professional and LOOK professional – Since you are the first impression clients will get of your boss and your organisation, it is important to make a great first impression and then live up to that promise. Always wear clothes that speak of good taste and sophistication.

If you would like to spoil you secretary this Secretary’s Day contact Soapbox Promo & Gifts on 012 804 0066 or visit our website at www.soapboxpromo.co.za today!