Do your clothes control your mind?

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You may think that the Soapbox team has lost its mind, but in our company we believe that clothes control a lot more than they allow us to believe. Oh yes, they could even convince us to behave in a certain way when we put them on. That perfect gym top not only makes you look good but convinces you to choose the treadmill over the couch. The clean cut tailored shirt will show you exactly how to climb the corporate ladder. Your clothes convince you willingly, without being asked, because the ability to convince us is embedded in their thread count.  And we’re not the only ones who believe this.

What are we thinking?

There’s a proven science that teaches us that the clothes we wear will have a direct influence on how we behave. This scientific phenomenon is called “enclothed cognition” or “embodied cognition”. And no, we’re not just making that up. The New York Times science desk published one of many available articles on the topic in April last year and a couple of sentences caught our attention.

Professor Adam Galinsky, who was quoted in the article, explained how we not only think with our brains but we also think with our bodies. He went on to explain that the clothes we wear help to shape the way that we think and behave while we are wearing them.

Apparently the phenomenon doesn’t work when you just look at an item of clothing in a closet or catalogue. You have to wear it, see it on your body and feel it on your skin for it to affect your thinking. Dr Galinsky’s conclusion after many years of research is that clothes invade the body and brain, putting the wearer into a specific psychological state.

How does the theory work in the real world?

As the weather warms up we find ourselves migrating away from winter woollies and triple layers, to t-shirts and strappy tops. As we dig out our summer wear from the bottom of our closets we also dig out the desire to look our best. From the research we’ve seen, we now also know that having the right gym wear can actually give us the attitude boost to get the job done. We believe that our clothes secretly know that the better they make you feel, the more you will choose to show them off. Just think about it. How often does your old worn out varsity sweatshirt make its way to the gym? It knows that it can’t inspire you to hit the gym and so it hides at the bottom of the winter pile. But the new Slazenger number? That’s a different story. The perfect fitting, well engineered gym accessory will whisper sweet inspiration to your mind simply by slipping it on. Clothe the body and you’ll clothe the mind.

How to make it work for your business

The gym is not the only place where we can create a great attitude by wearing great clothing. Can you imagine being able to influence the behaviour of your teams simply by making sure that they look the part? Every business that aims to bring out the best in their teams should consider the influence that the current employee outfits may have on current behaviour.

An employee who feels insignificant can be transformed into a confident member of the team when they have a uniform that they are proud to wear each day. A team that feels distant and disconnected can begin to feel like they belong to a greater purpose when they share a powerful brand image on their corporate wear. Why does this work? It’s an amazing function of the human brain. When you wear it, you feel it, you believe it and your mind automatically wants to achieve it.

How can we help you?

At Soapbox we believe in the power of clothing and we want to help you bring out the best in your teams. You may want to purchase some team motivation in the form of new branded summer wear. Or you may just have a need to replace your gym wear that mysteriously shrunk in the wash. Whatever your goal, we are here for you. We can help you feel and look great when you shed your winter woolies.

Take a look at our range of active wear at or give us a call on 012 804 0066 to get expert advice and unbeatable service.

As always, we are with you every stitch of the way

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