Environmentally responsible gifts are the gifts that keep on giving:

4gift ideas that wont harm the environment

Taking the conscious step to lead a more environmentally friendly lifestyle reaps huge benefits not only for you, but for future generations as well.

22 April is Earth Day and we all have to do our bit for the environment. What many don’t realise is that there are small ways you can incorporate eco-conscious practices in your life that will make the biggest difference. A creative way you can do so is through your gift giving.

Below are gift ideas that will bring smiles to your loved ones’ faces while doing little to no harm to the environment.


Choose gifts made from renewable or recycled materials

Make sure the gift itself is fully recyclable and is made from renewable or recycled sources such as notebooks from recycled paper or items made from bamboo.


Don’t over-package – rather use re-usable packaging

Conventional wrapping paper contributes to dubious amounts of global waste. Furthermore, the amount of (fossil-fuel generated) energy and transport involved in producing gift-wrapping paper, not to mention the fact that paper is made from trees, makes it a total waste of valuable resources. The trick is in finding creative wrapping paper alternatives. Package gifts in re-usable shopper bags, bandanas or even a scarf, towels, blankets and baskets. Old newspaper, maps or art projects can be decorated and used for gift wrapping.


Give practical gifts for daily use and with lasting value

Gift your loved ones with things that they will use repeatedly instead of gifts that will be chucked into the bin after one use. Gifts such glass or metal water bottles, clothing items, mugs and quality pens and umbrellas, make for the perfect re-usable gift.


Give gifts that help the receiver to reduce their impact on the environment

Choosing gifts that encourage your loved ones to live a greener lifestyle make for the greatest gifts! The more people engage in eco-friendly practices, the better. Shop for gifts like solar-charged power-banks, and solar-powered lamps and torches.

Being environmentally conscious is not as hard as people make it out to be. You can incorporate it into the smallest activities and still make a significant change.

Soapbox has a wide variety of environmentally responsible gifts your friends and family will appreciate. Making those closest to you happy with gifts is now equally beneficial to the earth in which we live. Visit http://www.soapboxpromo.co.za to shop our extensive range of ecological gifts.

4 Reasons why people stay in jobs they hate


If the mere thought of Mondays and waking up for work makes you cringe, then it’s safe to assume that you hate your job. We often ignore our need for transformation in our careers because the concept of change is one that is frightening and filled with uncertainty- all of which could be considered an inconvenience when you’ve gone on to find comfort in your misery. People would much rather stay in their secure yet unfulfilling jobs than to embark on the seemingly terrifying journey of change.

In the early 1960’s David Gleicher created the formula for change. This formula was later simplified by Kathleen Dannemiller and presented in 1992 as such:

D x V x F > R

i.e. Dissatisfaction (with the status quo) x Vision (of future possibilities) x First Steps (towards change) > Resistance (to change)

Coincidentally, the above-mentioned factors of change can be related to the reasons why people stay in jobs they hate. The dissatisfaction in your current job must be just enough for you to make a change. Sure, you’re certain that you want to leave your job but what do you envision yourself doing outside of it? Taking the first step is often the hardest and can demotivate people to leave their unhappy work environment; and the obstacles you might face along the way and the fears you have to overcome seem too taunting to bare- all of which play a role in you staying in an uninspiring space.

1. Dissatisfaction

Your dissatisfaction with your current job or circumstance must be enough to bring you to action. If your dissatisfaction is such that you complain about it, but do nothing, change is not likely to happen.


Often people’s dissatisfaction is great enough, but they have no vision of what they want to do in their careers. They cannot visualise what the alternative to their current circumstance can be. In the absence of such a vision, any action is directionless and will not amount to the desired change. The Soapbox Franchise Group not only provides you with a clear vision of what it is like to be your own boss and owning your own business, we also provide you with a clear plan of how to achieve this.

3.  First Steps

The third factor in the formula for change is taking the first steps toward change. Many people never take these first steps, because they either lack the courage, or they lack the knowledge of what the first steps will be. The Soapbox Franchise Group has more than a decade of experience in the corporate fashion industry and can help you with the knowledge, and a proven model for success.

4. Resistance

Resistance to change can be internal (fear, anxiety, insecurity, discomfort) or external (family, friends, authoritative figures). It is very important to have an honest look at the resistance factors in your life and identify them. Ask yourself if these factors will still be a factor in 10 years from now. And ask yourself if you can afford to stay where you are.

At Soapbox Group we know that change is hard, but we love to walk the path of change with each one of our franchisees and see them grow into the careers they envisioned.

For more information about the franchise opportunities available with Soapbox, phone Mias on 082 992 0024.


3 Reasons why you should quit your job in 2019

quit your job


We can’t think of a better time than now for you to put your heart and soul into something you’ve always wanted to do. Whether you like it or not, your day job could be what’s standing in the way of you pursuing your dream of starting your very own business. Soapbox offers you the opportunity to become a successful franchisee, allowing you the freedom of running your own business without the high risks and challenges that come with a full-on start-up.

Quitting your job to start a franchise may seem daunting, but it’s pretty simple with Soapbox! Here are the 3 reasons why you should quit your job in 2019:

  1. You become the boss of your own time.

Being stuck in a 9-5 job is a wasteful way to be spending your time! Venturing into a business you are passionate about often gives you full autonomy of your time. Buying into a franchise such as Soapbox means you can decide what it is you want to do, when you want to do it and how you want to do it.

  1. You’ll never get rich from a job – A Soapbox franchise is your ticket to multiple streams of income.

Branching out into different streams of income requires that you have major capital. But not with Soapbox – we have affordable options available. Buying into our franchise is a great way to run a business that ultimately works for you at the end of the day. The great income you get from our franchises is exactly what you need to start your journey towards becoming a millionaire!

  1. You get to live your passion.

If you are passionate about running your own business but aren’t quite ready to build a start-up from scratch, then franchising is your best and most fulfilling option. The Soapbox Group offers franchises to people who are ready to pursue their passion in the business of branding and corporate gifting. You get to live your passion of running a business, with a little less risk and a whole lot more success!

Contact us and start living today!
Phone Mias on 082 992 0024 or email mias@soapboxpromo.co.za for more information.

The Humble Cup of Coffee has Infinite Branding Potential


Coffee Culture has taken the world by storm. It has spilled out from the streets and straight into the office environment. Companies have realized the importance of treating their clients and employees to a good cup of coffee.

There are endless benefits to promoting Coffee Culture in the office.

Not only does it boost creativity and productivity because of the caffeine fix it provides, but it also makes for a more laid-back and social environment during meetings.

Capitalizing on Coffee Culture in the office and using it as a tool to market and communicate brand messages can do wonders for your company. Because coffee is a universal drink loved by billions around the world, it makes for a great vessel to successful brand communication.

Why not give some of these branding tips a try:

  • Brand coffee mugs or flasks for employees to carry around, branded with a motivational quote to get them moving!
  • Use branded coffee mugs during meetings to show commitment.
  • Be on your client’s mind first thing in the morning! Gift them with a branded coffee flask with your company logo and a quirky phrase like “Rise and Shine Baby!

Furthermore, having brand messages placed on everyday office items such as coffee mugs makes for good internal communication. We often forget that our employees are first and foremost our brand ambassadors. They need to be fully knowledgeable on the brand so they can accurately portray it to customers.

At Soapbox, we have loads of fun, amusing and trendy coffee accessories, mugs, flasks and plungers. Get creative with personalized messages and your company logo. Who would have thought that something as simple as coffee could be just the tool you need to talk to your internal and external company stakeholders?

So, where is your Coffee Culture?

To see our wide range of coffee mugs, click here

4 Reasons Why Women Entrepreneurs Prefer to Become Franchisees

4 Reasons why women entrepreneurs prefer to become franchisees


In the last two decades the world of business has become increasingly open to women entrepreneurs. Yet, it is reported that under 40% of South Africa’s businesses are women-owned. Even though many South African women are more than qualified and competent to run their own businesses, the challenge of having to balance business and family responsibilities can seem very daunting.

In the spirit of Women’s Month, we thought we’d touch on why franchises is the preferred business ownership model for many female entrepreneurs and how franchise ownership can be the solution to the balance challenge.


1. Schedule flexibility

Unlike starting a business from scratch, many franchise businesses offer a semi-absentee model for owners, allowing them to work on their business rather than in their business. They get to experience the rewards and freedoms of small-business ownership while still having time to dedicate to motherhood, or whatever else they please.


2. Organised and predictable deliverables

Opting for a franchise business is less of a gamble than a brand-new start-up. The startling failure rate of new businesses makes it seem too risky to female entrepreneurs to start a new business. However, with a franchise the business model is predefined and so the outcomes are fairly predictable.


3. Support systems

Although business has become more accommodating to women, it is still a highly intimidating space. Siding with a franchise means you have access to all the support you could ever need for your business to soar. The Soapbox Group offers you mentorship, setup, marketing, management training, human resources and purchasing power.


4. Support from government

The South African government has frameworks in place that seek to equalise the playing field. There are various Government Development programmes for women entrepreneurs in South Africa that act as a springboard to business. These development programmes, combined with the preference given to Women Owned businesses in terms of BEE AND an almost foolproof business recipe provided by the franchisor, means that the female franchisee is set up for success.



Buying into the Soapbox Franchise makes running your own business a more pleasant experience, leaving you more likely to succeed. The branded corporate clothing and gifts industry is big business and show no signs of slowing down. All the more reason to side with us.

Click here if you are interested in receiving more information about becoming a Soapbox Group Franchisee.

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Franchisees’ 3 Worst Nightmares

Franchisees’ 3 worst nightmares

(and why the Soapbox Franchise group is different)

Many would-be-entrepreneurs prefer to buy a franchise as opposed to starting a business from scratch, for obvious reasons: A successful franchise offers a proven business model; A franchise group already has brand awareness among its target market, which gives the franchisee a head start in marketing; The franchisor provides thorough training and ongoing support.

While buying into a franchise seems like your best bet, a lot of people would argue that just like a new start-up, being a franchisee has its fair share of challenges. Below are a Franchisees’ 3 worst nightmares and how and why Soapbox offers a different franchise solution. 

  1. High cost of purchasing a franchise

Franchises can cost anything from R500,000 to R10,000,000 and unless you have that amount of money at your disposal, gathering those funds can be extremely difficult, and can put you off the franchising route altogether.

However, a Soapbox Franchise can be purchased for only R250,000. This great purchase price includes a fully functional office, a show-room section with display cabinets, promotional stock and marketing material, plus our full guidance and support. You also get a thorough business plan and business coaching with practical strategic planning sessions every quarter to make sure you are headed for success.

  1. High overheads

Many people only realise how obscene their overheads are once they buy into a franchise.  The high cost of rental space in malls, and large staff components that will result in a huge salary bill. Even a small shop in a busy mall can cost up to R50,000 per month.

Soapbox is different in that it can be run from a home office with good internet or a small rented office, and you’d only need 2 people to run a successful Soapbox Franchise.

  1. Having to buy all stock from the franchisor at inflated prices.

Many franchise groups require their franchisees to purchase stock from head office at set prices. These prices are often higher than that of similar products bought from other suppliers, making it even harder for the franchisee to make a profit.

A Soapbox franchisee has direct access to all suppliers AND gets a group discount on most products from day 1, making the franchisee competitive in the market.

Buying into the Soapbox Franchise makes running your own business a more pleasant experience, leaving you more likely to succeed. The branded corporate clothing and gifts industry is big business and show no signs of slowing down. All the more reason to side with us.

Click here if you are interested in receiving more information about becoming a Soapbox Group Franchisee.

You can also contact Mias at mias@soapboxpromo.co.za for more information about becoming a Soapbox Group Franchisee.

6 Ways to be sun safe

The sunny days of summer are here and we are looking forward to the hot summer holidays only a few short weeks away – many of us not even realising that we live in the country that was voted the world’s top dream destination in May this year. The competition hosted by WAYN, the world’s largest travel and lifestyle social network, revealed that our sunny weather was amongst the top factors that helped us achieve this accolade.

Unfortunately, that’s not the only top spot attributed to South Africa. According to CANSA (The Cancer Association of South Africa), our country has the second highest incidence of skin cancer in the world after Australia. Soapbox has decided to celebrate summer by joining the fight for sun safety. You can do it too.

You see the good news is that skin cancer can be prevented. And businesses, like yours and ours, can help protect the people we value by providing the right products to keep them sun safe. That’s why we at Soapbox have made a conscious decision to make it easier for our clients to promote sun safety as part of their corporate philosophy. We stock everything necessary to provide sun safety products in a way that will not only benefit the recipient but your reputation as the gift giver.

But first things first … can we make a difference?

Yes, without a doubt. With every corporate sun safe item we supply we believe that the message will spread to a broader audience. Spreading awareness is a great start – there are a lot of myths out there that need busting. For example:

  • Myth 1: People with darker skins are not at risk for getting skin cancer. Unfortunately, people of all ages, skin types, genders and ethnic groups face the same serious risk of cancer. This disease does not discriminate.
  • Myth 2: Sunscreen will protect me completely from the harmful effects of the sun’s rays. Sunscreen alone cannot protect you. Take a look at our 6 tips further down to find out what else you can do.
  • Myth 2: The sun is only dangerous in summer or on a hot day. The intensity of the sun’s rays can cause serious damage in any weather condition.
  • Myth 4: One or two sun burns can’t cause cancer. Everyone’s skin reacts differently to a sun burn which means that we all face the risk of cancer every time we burn.

(with our gratitude to CANSA for this information)

6 Ways to be sun smart during the holidays

And now that the myths have been busted, let’s look at six ways of being sun safe this summer.

  1. Wear sun-protective clothing specifically designed to keep you cool in the heat and protected from the sun. This type of clothing is usually tightly woven and loose fitting. A great example from our own catalogue is the Barron Outback shirt which is 100% cotton and boasts a back yoke and breeze vents.
  2. Wear a hat. But not just any hat. If you’re really looking for decent sun protection then wear a wide brim hat such as a cricket or bush hat. The wider brim offers better protection for your eyes, ears, face, and the back or your neck.
  3. Stay in the shade. There’s a great little shadow rule to keep in mind: “Watch your shadow – short shadow, seek shade”. The sun intensity increases towards midday so make sure you keep some sort of “portable” shade handy when you plan to be outdoors – like taking an umbrella with you to the beach or park.
  4. Use sun screen. Make sure your sun screen offers broad-spectrum (UVA & UVB) protection and that it is water resistant. Preferably choose the highest SPF available (never below SPF 30).
  5. Use protective lip balm. Your lips are one of the most vulnerable and easily forgotten parts of your body when it comes to sun protection. Regularly reapply lip balm with an SPF factor to protect your smoochers.
  6. Protect your eyes. Wearing sunglasses is not only about shielding your eyes from the harsh glare of sunlight, but about protecting you from the real threats of sun damage. The eyelid is very thin and contains many fragile tissues that may be injured by UV light. It doesn’t stop there. Inside the eye, the lens and the cornea exist to filter UV rays, but by doing so for many years, they may become damaged from excessive exposure.

sun graphicCome on, let’s fight this together

You can take a number of measures this summer to promote the sun safe message. Firstly, always be sun smart yourself. Teach your children and other family members the six sun safe ways this holiday.

Secondly, as a business, you can send a powerful message by giving staff and clients the coolest, branded sun safe packs – and branding these items will show that you took the time and attention to make this important purchase.

Soapbox stocks everything needed to cover all six sun safety tips and we can use your brand to make sure your clients remember exactly who is taking care of them this summer. It’s not too late to send a meaningful summer corporate gift before the December holidays. With our unique 72 hour express embroidery promise, you can have your selection branded and ready to go before the December school break. So give us a call on 012 804 0066 and we can help you plan the coolest sun safe holiday pack in no time at all.

The challenge is out there. Let’s join forces to spread the sun safe message this holiday season.

With you every stitch of the way

Your friends at Soapbox

Sealing that deal on the golf course

Why business happens on the golf course – and why your appearance could help you seal the deal.

Golf Shirts

Look your best on the course with Barron Golf shirts.

For as long as business and golf have crossed paths, the golf course has been considered the place where real business deals are made. Traditionally it was men who had the pleasure of networking on the course but these days quite a few female executives take to the greens with a view of building their business relationships and brand.

But what is all the fuss about the so called “green boardroom”?

Why on earth would golf be considered a non-negotiable skill for CEOs and Executives across the globe? It’s quite simply really. There are very few equal opportunities that allow you to spend three to four hours with a potential customer or business partner to build a solid relationship. Almost everything you need to know about a person’s true character and business potential can be learnt during a game of golf.

The way a golfer approaches the game speaks volumes about their approach business and life in general.

Would you sign a deal with a player who kicks their ball out of the rough for a better lie? Or who shaves a few strokes off their scorecard to improve their overall position? Players who throw their golf clubs would probably not accept a business challenge with much grace.

On the other hand, players who abide by the golfing etiquette most likely display the same level of sophistication in business. Executives get a sense of a player’s integrity, sportsmanship, mannerisms and personality on the course. It soon becomes clear if you’re playing with the type of person you would be willing to trust in business or not.

Not just a game for men

Golf is a skill that’s fast becoming a necessity for women in business. The game often puts you in the right place with the right people, not only in your own business circles but also in the business community as a whole. Women who build good contacts on the golf course can leverage off these networks to benefit their own business.

Women have an even better chance to impress players on the course. Men know how difficult it is to break into the traditionally male dominated game and they tend to show a great amount of respect for women who can hold their own in the game.

Protect your brand on the course

If your business is represented on the golf course, then it will be worth your while to double check that you’ve covered all the angles needed to create a good impression. The best place to start is with your business’ golfing gear.

Golf is one of the few sports that has maintained a sense of pride in its uniform. Players who arrive wearing shoddy golf wear create the impression that they don’t honour golfing etiquette. Does this sound a bit harsh? Look at it from a business perspective. How is an employee viewed when they don’t make an effort to dress according to company standards? Since golf is synonymous with business, the wrong outfit may just cost you that contract.

Dress to impress

Make sure your team shows up with gear that says “I take this game as seriously as I take a business deal”.

Avid golfers can tell at a glance what type of player they’re up against simply by looking at the outfit. For example

  • Your golf shirt should have a slightly longer tail in the back to keep your shirt from being un-tucked when you move.
  • Golf pants don’t have cuffs. Any player who has ever spent time in a sand trap will tell you that cuffs trap dirt.
  • Both men and women golfers who want a more formal and professional look will wear a leather belt with their pants.
  • Hats are an important part of a golfing uniform. They help keep the glaring sun off a players face to improve vision during a swing. Baseball style caps are popular with men while women prefer golf visors to prevent messy hair. Broad brimmed hats are also a popular choice for both men and women who prefer more protection from the sun.

Your team’s golf outfit will not only create a favourable first impression, but it will also affect their comfort, movement, confidence and ultimately game play on the day. So it is really important to evaluate your golf uniform and make sure that it is both functional and fashionable.

When a serious golfer sees your brand embroidered on high quality golfing gear it tells them that you take golfing etiquette and golfing relationships seriously.

Brand. Brand. Brand.

Now throw the power of branding behind the power of style and you’ll have the ultimate combination. Your team can create a winning impression before they even tee off if they are given the right gear for the job.

Take the time to review your team’s golfing wardrobe. Look at your existing gear from the perspective of fellow golfers and what they might be reading between the lines. Over and above improving your golfing uniform, be sure to brief your team about the potential impact of their behavior and appearance before they represent your business on the course.

The combination of an impressive golf uniform and a well prepared team will go a long way in creating brand recognition and cementing good relationships.

Let us help you win them over

It’s because we understand how important golf is to your business that we supply over 400 styles of golf shirts for men and women. We also take the greatest pride in branding your golfing attire so that your team can put their best foot forward.

And, as always, we’d love to help you make the best choice for your brand and your budget. Give us a call on 012 804 0066 or email your requests to sales@soapboxpromo.co.za .

It’s our business to make your business look its best – both on and off the golf course.

To your golfing (and business) success

Your friends at Soapbox

Ps. This video shows how NOT to do it… but it’s good for a laugh

5 Tips to show your clients that you value them

Corporate Gift GivingIt’s early October and some stores are already adorned with festive decorations reminding us that it’s nearly time for the “season of giving”. This is a great time to make decisions about how you are going to thank clients that have supported your business this year. Presenting clients with a corporate gift is a great way to show that you have not only noted their support, but that you also value their relationship and loyalty.

Appreciation builds your brand, your relationships and ultimately, your business.

There’s a lot of advice out there on how corporate gifts can benefit your business. But today we’re keeping things simple with five homemade tips from the Soapbox team.

1. Show your heart

Choosing the most effective gift can be a little tricky. Even if you know your client well, you may not know their personal taste in gifts. You can side-step this problem by giving a gift related to a popular social or environmental cause. Apart from making a positive contribution to the cause, the gift will also contribute to your business’ image as a socially responsible business – a business with heart.

Rhino Bracelet

R6.50 from the sale of each bracelet is used in the protection and relocation of rhinos. RHINO FORCE supports the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) principle of trans location to save a species from extinction.

Our range of locally produced beaded bracelets is a great example of socially responsible gifts. Not only are the bracelets fashionable and affordable but proceeds from each sale goes towards local employment creation plus one of four worthy causes. The four bracelets available are:

  • Save the Rhino: helps raise awareness and funds for rhino conservation and relocation
  • Save the Earth: raises awareness and funds to conserve and protect our beautiful planet
  • Feed South Africa: helps feed the hearts, minds and tummies of poverty-stricken communities
  • I am Literacy: supports the improvement of literacy across SA

2. More than just a tokenBamboo Mousepad and Mouse set

Apart from giving a token gift that supports a good cause, you can also show that you business is environmentally aware by giving an eco-friendly gift.

Soapbox is continuously adding environmentally friendly gifts to our catalogue and our clients love them! The most popular items are those made of recycled materials or renewable energy sources such as the solar powered cell phone charger and bamboo computer accessories.

You can take this theme a step further by wrapping the gifts in newspaper or recycled paper with beautiful ribbon and a recycle symbol sticker to trim it off. This presentation will definitely make for a memorable gift and will inspire some conversation about the giver.

3. When it comes to class

When your goal is to really impress your client (or even a competitor), you’ll need to choose a gift with an extra touch of class.

In these cases you can never go wrong with high end designer gifts. We offer beautiful office or home ware ranges by local designers Carrol Boyes and Diana Carmichael. Or how about genuine leather travel bags from the Gary Player range. The options are endless and we are here to help you make the right choice.

4. Show appreciation throughout the year

Tokens of gratitude at appropriate times throughout the year show that you are aware of the relationships that make your business successful. No matter how big or small, these tokens show people how much you value them and their contributions on any day.

A business, like all individuals and families, has significant dates on their business calendar that can be used to show your appreciation to clients.  It could be the anniversary of your establishment, a special landmark in your relationship with the client or a milestone that signifies a success to your business. Mark these dates in the calendar and use them to acknowledge clients that helped you get to these points.

5. Plan ahead

Don’t forget to add a line item to your 2014 budget for appreciation. Take into account your acknowledgement plan for the next year and budget for each occasion. Planning ahead also gives you an opportunity to buy in bulk while the pre-festive season specials are available. Give us a call to find out how you can take advantage of bulk deals.

In fact we would like to help you with every aspect of your choice. There’s always a reason to give, but the wrong gift can cause more harm than good. Take the headache out of making the right choice by letting us help you with your selection – at no extra cost.

So with these five tips behind us, we leave you with one last surprise.

Stand a chance to win

One of our favourite suppliers, Barron, has released a holiday gift guide with exclusive ideas for the end of year season. Barron is giving Soapbox clients a chance to win a trip for two to Mauritius, as well as loads of other great prizes. All you need to do is ask us for a copy of the Barron Holiday Gift Guide. You can do this by emailing us at sales@soapboxpromo.co.za or give us a call on 012 804 0066. And then follow the instructions on the guide. Who knows – Santa may be bringing one of you an early Christmas gift this year.

And while you’re waiting to hear the results of the competition we can use our years of experience to help you source, fresh thoughtful and memorable gifts for your business.

After all, there is always joy in giving.

Your friends at Soapbox

What message is your outfit sending you?

starburst4Isn’t it amazing how life is unfolding all around us? The warmth of Spring has brought with it a multitude of new colours. Don’t you feel more alive than you did during the cold, dull winter months? That’s the power of colour. Some colours uplift and inspire while others dull the senses. Some inspire confidence while others just make you want to climb back into bed. Imagine harnessing some of that power in your corporate wardrobe? Our team at Soapbox loves colour and we’ve found great pleasure in helping our clients use colour wisely for many years.

Let’s face the facts

Research done by CCICOLOR (the Institute for Colour Research), revealed that people make a subconscious judgment about a person, environment, business or product within 90 seconds of first seeing them. Where does colour fit into the equation? Up to 85% of that initial 90 second brand assessment is based on colour alone! The use of colour sends messages to customers before we even say a word.

An expert’s point of view

In her book “7 Mistakes Most Business Owners Make With Their Branding Colours”, Karen Haller, a colour and branding expert, points out that one of the biggest mistakes that a business owner can make is when they don’t pull their brand colour though to their corporate wardrobe.

It is a problem when your uniform (or lack of uniform) gives a completely different message to what you are telling customers through your logo, tagline, and marketing content. Not getting the uniform in sync with the rest of the brand creates confusion for the consumer because they will know on a sub-conscious level that something isn’t right.

On the other hand, correctly branded corporate wear not only give staff a sense of pride, belonging and equality but it has overall benefits to the business brand and also builds trust with your customers. (You can read more about this in our free bonus at the end of the blog.)

‘Reinforcing your brand through your staff’s work wear of is a bit like identifying your favourite chocolate bar by the wrapper. You know what’s on the inside by what appears on the outside.”

Karen Haller

The many voices of colour

In Western society there are definitely general colour thinking patterns that have been proven from decades of research on the topic. Here’s a quick rundown of what popular colours could signify in your corporate outfits.



Blue is both friendly and powerful. It inspires confidence in the wearer and creates the perception of loyalty. It can help you establish a sense of trust, loyalty and credibility. Read more about blue…


Red is the most emotionally intense colour and stimulates a faster heartbeat and breathing. It demands attention. Read more about red…


In general the rule is that the darker the colour, the more powerful the look. According to the experts, it’s hard for a male executive to be taken seriously in a beige suit. Whether you’re wearing a suit or not, using beige as the predominant colour in your outfit can make you look drab, dull and average.


White is popular because it is light, neutral, and goes with almost every other colour. Wear it when you want to enliven the other colours that you’re wearing. In the majority of western cultures it’s associated with peace, innocence, simplicity, and cleanliness. Read more about white…


Darker greens can signify power, class, strength and conservatism. Brighter greens tell people you’re sporty, more casual and often cheerful. Read more about green…


Men who wear pale pink or salmon accents tell the world they’re confident, daring and independent. Women can use it to soften a strong, dark-coloured suit and look more approachable. Read more about pink…


Cheerful, sunny yellow is an attention getter. It tells people you’re casual, playful, cheerful, approachable and not afraid to take risks. Read more about yellow…


Black is the colour that creates a perception of authority and power. It signifies control, seriousness and responsibility –  all qualities the boss is likely looking for. It is popular in fashion because it is stylish, timeless and makes people appear thinner.


Brown is a great substitute for black as it is not as severe or formal. Solid brown is the colour of reliability while light brown implies genuineness. Brown clothing has to have the right cut and fit to look good.

These descriptions are generalisations based on research. The good news for those who have already chosen a brand is that there is no right or wrong colour. Each colour has both a negative and positive impact on people’s thinking. Some carry a little more authority than others. The trick is to pick the right tones, the right combinations and the right proportions in relation to your brand.

The big test is not what colour you choose, but how your business uses it.

Decisions, decision, decisions…

Choosing the colour of your corporate wardrobe is both a science and an art. It is also one of our passions here at Soapbox.

We would love to give you free, no obligation advice about how to best incorporate your brand colour into your corporate wardrobe. We understand that corporate wear is a great investment and we want to help you make the right choice – not only on the colour but style as well. Contact us on 012 804 0066 for our expert advice or email us at sales@soapboxpromo.co.za . As always, you can see our catalogue and promotions at www.soapboxpromo.co.za

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We really enjoyed reading Karen Haller’s e-book and would love to share it with you.  We’re including a link to this information gem for those who want to go grab a copy for themselves. It’s free of charge when you request it through Karen’s website http://www.karenhaller.co.uk/freebook7mistakes.htm

We look forward to seeing the colours enfold in your teams as we enjoy the warmth of Spring together.

With you every stitch of the way

Your friends at Soapbox

The power of colour continued …


A peaceful, tranquil blue causes the body to produce calming chemicals and can help you feel more relaxed if you’re stressed. It is also believed to make you more creative so keep that in mind for the next brainstorm session. Back to blog…


Red is powerful and strong and shows that the wearer is not afraid to stand out. It gets you attention!  Too much may make you appear intimidating so keep it to a splash of colour unless you intentionally want to stand out from the crowd. Back to blog…


White uniforms, like the ones used by a doctor or nurse, give the impression of sterility and demands that people give you the space to do your job. For this reason, plain white is perhaps not the best choice to encourage interaction. Back to blog…


Using different shades of green will be calming and soothing. Green is also refreshing and has been found to reduce stress in those who look at it. If your colleagues are feeling really overwhelmed during the last stretch of the year, add green to your outfits and you might find a more relaxed team in the morning. Back to blog…


Pale Pink is very calming, so don’t wear it if you need tons of energy. On the other extreme, bright, bubblegum pink or fuchsia worn from head to toe just hurts people’s eyes. Let’s not wear the fuchsia suits to work shall we. Back to blog…


Yellow is the perfect colour to cheer you up on a bad day. It is the most difficult colour for the eye to take in, so it can be overpowering if overused. Yellow is also the colour also associated with intelligence and inspiration. Back to blog…