The business of being a Mom and running a successful business

Raising a child is hard, but it is empowering. Motherhood can make you feel like you can accomplish anything. Being an entrepreneur is somewhat similar to raising a child – both take up a lot of your time, energy, dedication and money. However, when your 9 to 5 job proves to be not so accommodating to motherhood as it should be, you may start to realise that becoming a Mompreneur may be the best decision for you and your family.

No one knows exactly when being a “Mompreneur” became a real thing, but mothers supplementing or contributing to the family income (or even being the sole breadwinner) in one way or another, dates back to Biblical times. I remember my own mother baking delicious treats which she sold at the local home industry shop. My grandmother used to make pretty dresses for the ladies in her home town, all while raising a family. Then came Women’s Liberation. Burning bras and smashing glass ceilings became the aspiration of many young women and being a career woman was painted as the ideal image of success. But history has not been kind to women in this regard. Those who chose a career were judged for not being present in their children’s lives and those who stayed at home were judged for having no ambition.

Enter the “Mompreneur”: a mother who stays home with her kids AND starts a business from home. The goal of the mompreneur is to create a business that allows her flexibility to meet her children’s needs while serving as an outlet for her creative and intellectual abilities. With this in mind, many moms try to turn a hobby or craft into a business. But, if you want to make a decent income, you need to start a serious business. This is by no means an easy feat and doing it alone can be daunting.

Why not partner with a business that gives you all the support you need to build a lucrative business and allows you the flexibility to spend time with your children?

Not all franchised businesses will allow you this level of flexibility, however being a Soapbox Franchisee allows moms (and dads) to stay at home and run a successful business in a R5 Billion Rand industry.