The Humble Cup of Coffee has Infinite Branding Potential


Coffee Culture has taken the world by storm. It has spilled out from the streets and straight into the office environment. Companies have realized the importance of treating their clients and employees to a good cup of coffee.

There are endless benefits to promoting Coffee Culture in the office.

Not only does it boost creativity and productivity because of the caffeine fix it provides, but it also makes for a more laid-back and social environment during meetings.

Capitalizing on Coffee Culture in the office and using it as a tool to market and communicate brand messages can do wonders for your company. Because coffee is a universal drink loved by billions around the world, it makes for a great vessel to successful brand communication.

Why not give some of these branding tips a try:

  • Brand coffee mugs or flasks for employees to carry around, branded with a motivational quote to get them moving!
  • Use branded coffee mugs during meetings to show commitment.
  • Be on your client’s mind first thing in the morning! Gift them with a branded coffee flask with your company logo and a quirky phrase like “Rise and Shine Baby!

Furthermore, having brand messages placed on everyday office items such as coffee mugs makes for good internal communication. We often forget that our employees are first and foremost our brand ambassadors. They need to be fully knowledgeable on the brand so they can accurately portray it to customers.

At Soapbox, we have loads of fun, amusing and trendy coffee accessories, mugs, flasks and plungers. Get creative with personalized messages and your company logo. Who would have thought that something as simple as coffee could be just the tool you need to talk to your internal and external company stakeholders?

So, where is your Coffee Culture?

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