How did it all start?soapboxlogotext

Soapbox Promo & Gifts was established as a family business in August 2007 with one Tajima 4-head embroidery machine, one employee and a truck load of enthusiasm.

Since then, we have become a prominent supplier of corporate clothing and gifts and one of the largest independent embroidery factories in Pretoria. Currently we have 16 embroidery heads in operation and 12 full-time employees and even more enthusiasm.

We are also the only embroidery factory offering an express embroidery service with a 72-hour turn-around time guaranteed or your money back.

What we believe

At Soapbox we believe that we can make things better – for our customers and for ourselves. By being tuned into the people we serve and by really focusing on the tasks we perform and by taking pride in ourselves, we make things better for our customers and at the same time we’re making it better for ourselves

Our vision

To add value to the lives of all involved with Soapbox – the customers, the employees and the owners.

Our Mission

At Soapbox Promo and Gifts we believe that every brand carries with it the identity and reputation of its owner and deserves to be treated with respect. Therefore every brand deserves branding of the highest quality.

We also believe that time is precious – our customer’s time as well as our own – and that it should never be wasted.

Our mission is to become the largest embroidery company in Pretoria by building a solid reputation for the superb quality of our branding and the absolute reliability of our service.

Soapbox’s 14 Core Values

  1. Positive Attitude – My smile and my willingness to help will take me far.
  2. Honesty – I always speak the truth with care and respect.
  3. Reliability – I always come through.
  4. Quality – I do it right the first time.
  5. Efficiency – I show respect for my own time and that of others.
  6. Respect – I treat others the way I want to be treated.
  7. Pride – I am never ashamed to sign my name to a piece of my work. I am never ashamed of my company.
  8. Generosity – I practice generosity of service and means. Giving and receiving are two sides of the same coin.
  9. Abundance – I embrace abundance – creating it, giving it and receiving it – knowing my self-worth and that of others.
  10. Balance – I live my life knowing that it is about more than just work.
  11. Success – I do not leave success up to chance, but consciously and conscientiously work towards it.
  12. Environmentally aware – I let my care for the environment influence big and small decisions.
  13. Innovative systems – I think systems: finding a system solution to a problem greatly enhances the total delivery of the business.
  14. Creativity – I know all problems can be solved if I am creative about it.

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