Dress your staff to attract more business

Advantages of Corporate Wear in the Workplace

Last week we shared some tips on how clothing can empower the woman in the work place. This week we would like to discuss the advantages of corporate dress code and/or uniforms.

In our previous post, Empowering Women – Dressing for Success, we shared a crucial piece of research for any managers or owners considering uniforms or a dress code in the work place:

“A study by JD Powers and Associates which  found that 74% of  business buyer respondents and 72 % of individual consumer respondents said that they would prefer to use a service where employees were wearing uniforms. “Employees in uniform increase my confidence in their ability to do their jobs.” Whereby fifty-five percent expressed a greater sense of trust”

team wear3


Here follows four advantages of Uniforms/Corporate Wear in the in the workplace:

  • Building an Identity/Brand – One of the most recognised advantages of workplace uniforms is an increase in brand awareness due to the exposure of the uniforms. Corporate wear can also reinforce your brand as people start to associate aspects of the uniform such as colour or style with your brand. Also, first impressions count, a well-rounded appearance instantly creates a good impression. Depending on your choice of branding, your employees can be walking billboards for your business, thus increasing brand awareness.
  • Trust Building – In relation to our above shared research, people tend to trust uniformed workers more, as it makes them more easily recognisable as an authority figure in their field of expertise. The perceived competence of your workforce is enhanced greatly by the wearing of corporate wear. The above mentioned study indicates that 72% of customers, when given a choice between the services of an uniform wearing person and that of a non-uniform wearing, all else being equal, chooses the services of the uniform wearing person.
  • Security – In our security conscious society, uniforms adds to the peace of mind of your clients where staff has to do work within their homes/gardens/premises. Some corporate customers insist that all employees of their contractors wear corporate wear for security reasons.
  • Productivity – When wearing workplace uniforms, employees tend to feel a sense of commitment to their employer and job. Wearing corporate wear also helps employees get into a workplace mindset. It has also been said that employees who wear uniforms out in public are more attentive to their behavior while representing their company.
  • Fewer Dress Code Mishaps –Employees tend to test the boundaries of companies that do not have a dress code in place. This creates great frustration for managers and owners alike. With corporate wear, it is easy to distinguish whether employees meet the standard. Also, a sense of neatness is created in the workplace when uniforms are worn by employees.

As a business owner or manager the advantages of introducing corporate wear into your business greatly outweigh the cost, in terms of increased business.

Soapbox has been building expertise in this field for the past six years and can assist you with any workplace uniforms as well as branding; simply visit our website soapboxpromo.co.za or call us on 012 804 0066 today for any corporate clothing or branding needs.

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