My blood is green once more…

I can almost hear PJ Powers and Ladismith Black Mambazo singing: “The world in union…” as I prepare to once again put on my green Springbok supporters shirt for the much anticipated match of the Springboks against Argentine Pumas on Saturday. What a thrill to see, when all falls into place and 22 individual players become ONE TEAM.

The American star basket ball player, Michael Jordan, has been quoted as saying the following:

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.”

Much has been said over the years about teamwork in business and theoretically it should be just as exhilarating to work together in a team in a business as it is when our sports icons do it. Then why is it not? I believe the answer lies with TEAM SPIRIT and not merely in TEAMWORK.

When I think of TEAMWORK it makes me think of a clock with a great number of gears and parts performing with great efficiency – each part doing exactly what it’s supposed to be doing, when it’s supposed to be doing it. Yet the whole process is not particularly inspired.

TEAM SPIRIT however is much greater than TEAMWORK – it is inspired efficiency and it helps the team achieve much more.


  1. Identify a common goal.
    Many will tell you that the secret to setting a goal is making sure that it is achievable. For most people this translates as “not too high”. However when you set a “not too high”-goal it is hardly inspiring. Be bold and set audacious goals that inspire your team to be greater than they have ever been. The Springboks always aim to be world champs, not merely to make the final rounds.
  2. Have fun!
    Incorporate fun activities into the everyday routine. Team building and retreats have their place, but most people find it hard to bring the team spirit back to the office after a retreat. Instead create a silly game that you can play every day at lunch time with a scoreboard to keep track of the game.
  3. Unite for a cause.
    There are few things as inspiring as a great charitable cause. Knowing that the team is making a difference in the community gives everyone a sense of achievement. This outside achievement creates momentum for success, spilling over into the business. Most top level sports teams are involved with some charity or another and I would like to believe that it provides them with inspiration as much as it is a good PR exercise.
  4. Create a team uniform.
    Whether working with a sports team or a sales team, having matching uniforms for special events can help everyone like they are part of a team.

Hopefully, this weekend we will once again see team spirit in action when the Springboks thrash the Pumas.

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Getting it DONE!

Have you ever reached the end of a day – exhausted but with that dreadful feeling that you have achieved absolutely nothing? Or worst, getting to the end of a week and realising that you only got about half the stuff done that you wanted to get done. In the same way you might have reached the end of a month and wondered where the time had gone. And before you know it, it’s Christmas.

If you spend money you can always make more money, whereas with time, every minute you have spent is a minute you cannot get back. Making every minute count is the challenge we face every day. Soapbox wants to share some thoughts on time management with you, to ensure you optimize your greatest asset, called time!

From our experience, two very simple tools can help you to greatly improve your time management and productivity:

  1. A default diary – the best tool for day-to-day time management
    A default diary is a tool used to reserve blocks of time for routine tasks as well as for working on your long-term goals. Knowing that a specific period of time has been set aside for a routine task greatly reduces stress since you know that the task will not be forgotten and will be performed on time. It also allows you to focus on one thing at a time. On the other hand, setting time aside for working on your long-term goals creates a habit of doing a little bit consistently, breaking your big dreams into bite-size chunks which is manageable and achievable. Of course your default diary should be flexible, but it is important to stick to it as far as possible. Also remember to schedule time for fun, exercise and relationships and to keep a healthy balance.
  2. The 4-Quadrant Task Prioritising Model – taking a longer term view
    In his book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen R. Covey uses the following model for prioritising your time.

    Most people spend most time on the Urgent (I and III) side of the graph doing crisis control, neglecting the Important (II) side of the graph – planning. The irony is that the more time you spend on the important stuff such as planning, prevention and strategising, the less need there will be to spend time on urgent stuff such as crisis management and unforeseen problems.

With all this information in mind we would like to encourage you to start planning for 2014 and start placing you orders for your diaries as well as for client gift diaries and staff diaries from Soapbox by simply visiting our website or call us on 012 804 0066 today for any corporate clothing or branding needs.

calendars and diaries

Dress your staff to attract more business

Advantages of Corporate Wear in the Workplace

Last week we shared some tips on how clothing can empower the woman in the work place. This week we would like to discuss the advantages of corporate dress code and/or uniforms.

In our previous post, Empowering Women – Dressing for Success, we shared a crucial piece of research for any managers or owners considering uniforms or a dress code in the work place:

“A study by JD Powers and Associates which  found that 74% of  business buyer respondents and 72 % of individual consumer respondents said that they would prefer to use a service where employees were wearing uniforms. “Employees in uniform increase my confidence in their ability to do their jobs.” Whereby fifty-five percent expressed a greater sense of trust”

team wear3


Here follows four advantages of Uniforms/Corporate Wear in the in the workplace:

  • Building an Identity/Brand – One of the most recognised advantages of workplace uniforms is an increase in brand awareness due to the exposure of the uniforms. Corporate wear can also reinforce your brand as people start to associate aspects of the uniform such as colour or style with your brand. Also, first impressions count, a well-rounded appearance instantly creates a good impression. Depending on your choice of branding, your employees can be walking billboards for your business, thus increasing brand awareness.
  • Trust Building – In relation to our above shared research, people tend to trust uniformed workers more, as it makes them more easily recognisable as an authority figure in their field of expertise. The perceived competence of your workforce is enhanced greatly by the wearing of corporate wear. The above mentioned study indicates that 72% of customers, when given a choice between the services of an uniform wearing person and that of a non-uniform wearing, all else being equal, chooses the services of the uniform wearing person.
  • Security – In our security conscious society, uniforms adds to the peace of mind of your clients where staff has to do work within their homes/gardens/premises. Some corporate customers insist that all employees of their contractors wear corporate wear for security reasons.
  • Productivity – When wearing workplace uniforms, employees tend to feel a sense of commitment to their employer and job. Wearing corporate wear also helps employees get into a workplace mindset. It has also been said that employees who wear uniforms out in public are more attentive to their behavior while representing their company.
  • Fewer Dress Code Mishaps –Employees tend to test the boundaries of companies that do not have a dress code in place. This creates great frustration for managers and owners alike. With corporate wear, it is easy to distinguish whether employees meet the standard. Also, a sense of neatness is created in the workplace when uniforms are worn by employees.

As a business owner or manager the advantages of introducing corporate wear into your business greatly outweigh the cost, in terms of increased business.

Soapbox has been building expertise in this field for the past six years and can assist you with any workplace uniforms as well as branding; simply visit our website or call us on 012 804 0066 today for any corporate clothing or branding needs.